Term Life Insurance is the most affordable life insurance you can buy to protect your family

Term Life Insurance Quotes
Term life insurance is the most simple  and affordable  form of protection. You generally pay premiums on a monthly or annual basis and your family is protected for that "term". OIC financial offers a variety of term products to fit your needs, time frame, and budget. Upon death of the insured, the benefit or face amount is paid to your stated beneficiaries. Term Life coverage usually comes in 10, 15, 20 or 30 years of coverage with a guaranteed benefit. In addition to providing necessary coverage at an affordable rate, Term life insurance protects your insurability. By buying a convertible Term Life insurance  now, you can convert your policy to a permanent life insurance policy without providing evidence of insurability   even if your health tomorrow is not as good as it is today. Request a Quote Today!

Term Life Insurance  Insurance is:
  • An affordable way to cover specific financial responsibilities like a mortgage or college expenses
  • An affordable way to supplement your Permanent Life Insurance during periods when coverage needs are higher, such as family-growing, mortgage-paying years
  • For protection against outstanding loans and debts for which family members or others may be responsible;
  • For families who feel they cannot currently afford a permanent policy but who need to protect their children from financial hardship due to the potential loss of a parent.
  • To guard against uninsurability in the future: If you buy term insurance now, you can continue this coverage even if you become uninsurable.
  • To provide coverage on other family members
  • To protect key people of a business in its formative years of growth
  • To purchase time to increase your earnings so that the coverage can be converted to a permanent cash value life insurance policy without evidence of insurability.
  • Some Term Life policies have a "return of premium" feature which essentially returns to the policy owner, some or all of the premiums  after the term period ends!  

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