Mortgage Protection Life  Insurance is the best protection for your Family 

Mortgage Protection Life Insurance programs includes critical illness benefits and disability benefits not available in  most Life Insurance Plans. This protection helps you make your Mortgage payments while you recover from your illness or injury! Best of all, It is affordable protection you and your family can count on when you may need it most.In Fact,  Many families are forced to leave their family home due to economic hardship caused by disability,  illness or death. Are you prepared for the unexpected?

Today's Mortgage Protection Life Insurance Companies  offer a Return of Premium Option, and if nothing Happens to you, You receive every Penny Back Tax Free at the end of the Term!

Odds are if you're paying a mortgage, you've received offers for Mortgage Protection Life insurance. It comes in several forms, but it typically covers your mortgage if you  become disabled due to injury or illness, and it pays off your mortgage when you die.

Would you benefit from mortgage protection life  insurance?

The answer depends on your health, financial situation and what you want to happen when you die. Here are some of the benefits of Mortgage Protection life  Insurance:

  • Help pay off the mortgage upon death.
  • Help pay the mortgage payment upon disability .
  • Provide a lump sum of cash if diagnosed with a critical illness.
  • Return of Premium Rider  guarantees 100% Refund of Premiums  if you survive the term!

 Your home is usually the single largest asset that you own. However, what would happen to your home if you were to die prematurely?  Who will pay off your mortgage for your family if you are not there?  How will your family find the funds to make the monthly mortgage payment if you cannot work due to disability?  

Mortgage Protection Life  Insurance could be a great solution for you and your Family.

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